The Iowa Water
Quality Association

The Iowa Water Quality Association (Iowa WQA) is a professional statewide trade organization representing the household, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry. Our goal is to help our members provide better water treatment and to improve the environment in which our members function. To do this we encourage individual improvement through formal study and through the exchange of information between members. Iowa WQA members pledge to abide by the associations’ strict industry Code of Ethics.

The Iowa WQA assists consumers by providing information about water quality alternatives. We work with the news media to create a growing recognition of our group and the value of its members to society. We work with governmental officials to develop rules and laws that are good for consumers.

If you are a consumer looking to purchase a water conditioning system, contact the Iowa WQA for information about different types of systems. And remember to utilize Iowa WQA members when making your purchase or rental decision.

Iowa Water Quality Association board members at the Iowa State Capitol during the 2018 Legislative Breakfast, January 23, 2018.

Consumer Information

If you have questions about water treatment systems or would like information about questions you should ask when selecting a water professional visit our consumer assistance section to learn the advantages of choosing an Iowa WQA member to treat your water needs.

Member Information

The Iowa WQA is a non-profit organization whose members are professionals providing water quality improvement services and equipment throughout Iowa.

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View a list of commonly asked consumer water questions by the Iowa WQA. Consumer questions are answered by the Iowa WQA office daily.

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