Hi Kristina,

Let’s do a site review.

; https://www.iowawqa.info  (new site — not quite done, but ready to review)

; compare with https://www.iowawqa.org

One difference in the current site and the new is the MENUS.  I had to custom-program the menus so they nearly match but not exactly. The colors match, but the CURRENT PAGE LINK will not turn green that way, like the current site.

I suggest you allow me to improvise on the design of the header.  I CAN DO it the way it is, but it goes against the way this stylesheet works.

AND IT’S LATE, maybe i’m delirious, but I’ll throw in a FREE LOGO REDESIGN if you let me design their business cards and collateral as a normal design project.  (their logo really could use a major fix.  It makes the organization look less professional, like they homemade their logo).  I do this a lot — make this offer — mostly so my websites don’t look bad (haha).

And if there’s any emails or other services besides the website (like email) using the domain iowawqa.org , now is the time to tell me. I’m about to move the domain.  Emails will break if they’re set up.